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Pedro Rodriguez

UC Berkeley Computer Science 2014

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Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known
-Carl Sagan

I am driven every day by the fundamental need to make myself and the world around me a better place. I value the ideals of Human Rights, Logic, and the Scientific Method. I believe that we don't inherit the world from our ancestors, rather borrow it from our children.

Personal Information

Date of birth
October 9th, 1991
2020 Channing Way Apt 11
Berkeley, CA
(208) 340-1703
Repositories and Code
Code not in public repositories can be made available upon request
SnowGeek, a company I founded to advance Avalanche Education and Snow Science
Ruby Gem to query NRCS Snotel Data. Open source ruby project
Raspberry Pi Powered MiniFMCW Radar System, Boise State University Geophysics Research
Optimized Matrix Multiplication in C running at the NERSC supercomputer center on Hopper
Particle Simulation using OpenMP, MPI, and GPUs running at NERSC supercomputer center
Snow Hardness Profile Plotter, open source Python/Matplotlib project
Securitizer, Django web application from 12 hours hackathon at


Summer 2013 - Now

Researcher at Boise State University Geophysics Department

from May 2013 to present day

Cryosphere Group in BSU Geophysics Department

Researcher at Boise State University Geophysics Department in the Cryosphere research group. Project focused on development of a Mini-FMCW (Frequency Modulated Continuos Wave) Radar. Research involved creating and developing a field model based on using a Rasbperry Pi to drive the radar. Tested the development version in Boise, ID, then traveled to South America (Chile and Argentina) to field test the radar and begin calibrations for use in North America for Winter 2013-2014 as a remote sensor integrated into local Snotels at Bogus Basin Ski Resort.

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2012 - 2013

Undergraduate Researcher in UC Berkeley Astronomy

from January 2012 to January 2013

Center for Time Domain Informatics

Beggining in the spring semester of 2012, I participated in undergraduate research at the Center for Time Domain Informatics within the UC Berkeley Astrophysics department under the guidance of Professor Joshua Bloom. Over the course of the 2012 summer I completed a research project and paper. At the 221st AAS conference I presented my work as a poster.

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Information Systems Intern

Summer, Winter of 2011

Scentsy Inc.

Development intern at scentsy. Work included creating new websites and developing new software for regression and load testing. Work was done in ASP.NET, C#. Regression and Load testing experience used Windows Azure cloud computing


Software Development Intern

Summer of 2010

Clearwater Analytics LLC.

My work as an intern included creating new features and bug fixing. I created new search features for the financial web application product the company that allowed clients to search by security custody identification. I also created the first SCRUM system at the company and worked on the maintenance team fixing bugs.


Tennis Instructor


Boise State University, Idaho Tennis Association, Boise Racquet and Swim Club

Over the course of my high school years I worked mainly as a Tennis instructor. I taught students of all ranges, but focused on teaching kids. I taught kids ranging from fairly young around 6 to about 14. I first got a job as a tennis instructor for Boise State University's Summer Youth program. I also taught Tennis 101 and Tennis is Elementary for the Idaho Tennis Association. I worked as a volunteer at the BRSC teaching the 9-13 year old age group, which was and still is my favorite age group to teach. Although I no longer teach Tennis and don't play it very much anymore, having taught Tennis for several years gave me valuable education experience.


7 PSDs to HTML/CSS for

September 2013

Sliced 7 PSD images for client into HTML/CSS using Twitter Bootstrap 3.0. Site was a flat UI based website for video game coaching

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Created and Integrated Web Server into

September 2013

Client ( requested the ability to make a call to a service with the service returning if a given number was in a predetermined set. I created a Sinatra web application using Ruby ActiveRecord running on Heroku cloud hosting.

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Transition Bootstrap 2.3 to Bootstrap 3.0

September 2013

Client requested I turn a current Bootstrap 2.3 website into 3.0 while changing several minor components of the website. The repository and changes that I made are hosted on his github repository which also hosts the site at The work involved HTML/CSS/Javascript, Bootstrap, and was compiled using jekyll.

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2010 - 2014

University of California at Berkeley

Fall 2010 to Fall 2014

Computer Science

Computer Science Major GPA: 3.22
Junior/Senior GPA: 3.23
CS61A: Introduction to Structure and Interpolation of Programs with John Denero: A-
CS61B: Introduction to Data Structures and Algorithems with Paul Hilfinger: A+
CS61C: Computer Architecture and Machine Structures with Dan Garcia: B
CS70: Discrete Mathematics and Probability Theory with Anant Sahai: B
EE42: Introduction to Digital Electronics: B-
CS170: Efficient Algorithms and Intractable Problems: B-
CS188: Artifical Intelligence: B+
CS189: Machine Learning: In Progress
CS267: Applications of Parallel Computing: In Progress
Math 128A: Numerical Analysis: In progress
EPS109: Computer Simulations in Earth and Planetary Science: A+
CS9E: Unix Self Paced

Physics and Astronomy:
H7A, H7B, 7C: Introduction to in Mechanics, Electromagnetism, Thermodynamics, Modern Physics
Physics 137A: Quantum Mechanics
Physics 110A: Electromagnetism
Astronomy 7A/7B: Introduction to Astrophysics and Cosmology


Computer Science

Programming Languages
HTML5 CSS3 Javascript Jquery XML C# Python C C++ SQL (MySQL, MSSQL, PostGreSQL) Java LaTeX Ruby
Related Skills
Matlab Ruby on Rails MVC Matplotlib Django OpenMP MPI Git Subversion Regex Unit Testing Dotnetnuke
Methodologies and Paradigms
TDD SCRUM DRY MVC CMS Relational Databases

Backcountry Snow Travel Qualifications

Avalanche Education
NSP, AAA Level 1, Level 2 Avalanche Certified NSP Level 1 Avalanche Instructor Mountain Travel and Rescue Level 1 & 2
Outdoor Emergency Care (NSP)

Astronomy and Physics

Introduction to Astrophysics Introduction to Cosmology Advanced Electromagnetism Advanced Quantum Mechanics


I quickly learned Pedro had great work ethic and he had an incredible capacity to learn, remember and use information. I could give him any task, and with minimal guidance I knew it would get done.

Kelly Edvalson | Lead Software Enginer and Architect of Corporate Websites at the time

Organization Affiliations

2010 - Now

National Ski Patrol

from Winter 2009-10 to Now

Eastern Sierra Region and Tahoe Backcountry Ski Patrol

Member of the National Ski Patrol. Originally a member of the 705 Ski Patrol then switched to Tahoe Backcountry upon moving to California. I hold certifications in: Outdoor Emeregency Care, Avalanche Level 1 and 2, Mountain Travel and Rescue Level 1 and 2, and Avalanche Level 1 Instructor.

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2010 - Now

American Avalanche Assocation

Winter 2010 to Now

Affiliate Member

The AAA is committed to the advancement of avalanche education. Affiliate members embody this philosophy and actively contribute and grow in the field of avalanche education. In my time as an affiliate I have taught countless courses. This coming winter I plan on advancing to the professional membership.

2011 - 2012

Berkeley Web Design Decal

Fall 2011 to Fall 2012

Lead Instructor

The Berkeley Web Design Decal is a student led, for credit course covering the basics of web development such as HTML, CSS, and Javascript. The goal is to let a student who has never written a line of code walk out of the class with a website they can call their own. Although I was not part of the original team that formed the decal, I led its growth and development over the course of three semesters. To date it is one of if not the most popular decal offered at Berkeley with applications to the class numbering about 500 in its last semester.

2011 - 2013

Berkeley Nanotechnology Club

Fall 2011 to Fall 2013


Berkeley Nanotech Club is a way for students interested in nanotechnology to interface with companies and research groups. In fall 2011 the club was in search for a new webmaster to create a new and more functional site. Since then I took the role and to the club's great satisfaction created a new website that fits its needs.

2012 - 2013

eSports at Berkeley

Summer 2012 to Fall 2013

President of LoL, Webmaster

Since freshman year I have always been interested in eSports and at first Starcraft 2. As I transitioned from Starcraft 2 to League of Legends the game was also "getting big". As a result the former CSL transitioned to becoming eSports at Berkeley. In that transition, I stepped up to organize League of Legends at Berkeley within E@B, general organization of events, and created and still webmaster for our website at

2012 - Now

Computer Science Undergraduate Association

Fall 2012 to Spring 2013

Internal Events Coordinator (Spring 2013)

As I began to take more interest in the Computer Science major I learned about the CSUA. The more I began involved the more I wanted to be part of making the CSUA serve the student body in amazing ways. This year the CSUA needed an internal events coordinator and as it would let me think up of fun events for members and students alike I ran and was elected for the position.

2012 - Now

SnowGeek Inc.

Summer 2012 to Now

President, Founder, Webmaster

SnowGeek is a non-profit organizations that was the result of many visions including Santiago Rodriguez, John Taggart, Joel Williams, Eric Sweet, and others. It is a result of many passionate avalanche class educators and professionals thinking of ways to improve the quality and availability of avalanche education. For more information please visit Note: It is likely the site is under construction, please contact me if you want to learn more using the contact form below.



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